DOCROADS is a project-driven creative documentary workshop, and training initiative, especially designed for audiovisual emerging professionals, in Europe and Asia. We at DOCROADS believe that engaging storytelling is the key to successfully reaching your audience. Therefore our focus is on story development tools, storytelling, and aspects of international coproduction. The workshop consists of two phases, 5 days each (10 days in total) of residential seminars and a workshop. Both phases are headed, guided, coordinated, and constantly supervised by our tutors, who provide feedback, advice, and suggestions. Each group has to complete a film on a given subject, within three shooting days. The films will be edited and completely post-produced on location.


Simply, because DOCROADS is the only compact program in the world, specially designed for the needs of the constantly fast growing and changing documentary industry as it combines theory, training, and results. It applies to audiovisual professionals from all over the world, and, while respecting their own POV, teaches creators how to make their vision understandable for an international audience, so that their films can be globally appreciated and distributed. At the same time, the DOCROADS program allows participants to gain an inside look into the process of international filmmaking, encourages networking, and lays the groundwork for future co-productions.


Young, emerging documentary filmmakers, directors, producers, editors with a certain level of experience. People who want to go international.
Each participant gains an inside view of all stages of an international documentary production. They learn how to produce/co-produce for the world market and how to pitch and present their projects. Interdisciplinary collaboration and intensive teamwork, combined with constant tutorial guidance and supervision, help participants improve their co-production skills, understand the international market and expand their creativity so that they become fully equipped for the challenges of a demanding and competitive market.

Previous workshops were held in:

Guangzhou, China, December 2013 / in association with GZDOC ​

Guangzhou, China, November 2014 /  in association with GZDOC & The University of the Aegean​

Foshan, China, December 2015 / in association with GZDOC & The University  of the Aegean

Tinos, Greece, September 2016 / in association with The University of the Aegean

Tinos, Greece, September 2017 / in association with The University of the Aegean

Munich, Germany, October 2018 /  in association with AGDOK Akademie

Munich, Germany, March 2019 /  in association with Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Munich & the University of Westminster, London

Buzau, Romania, September 2019 /  in association with DocRoads Romania